The New Book

- by Edgar Swamp



If it can be smoked, drunk, snorted, gambled, or screwed, Bobby Travis has done it. Bobby’s the guy other addicts look to when they want to feel better about their pathetic lives. He spends every weekend blacking out on a potent mix of drugs and booze, either ending up in someone’s bed or jail.

Not that Bobby isn’t trying. He wants to be a good father to his daughter, even if her vindictive mother hates him. To better himself, he’s joined AA (where he found a drinking buddy), Gamblers Anonymous (where he met his bookie), and Sex Addicts Anonymous (great place to meet women). If nothing else, the meetings have enhanced his social life.

Bobby’s drug-driven binges and gambling reach a new low when a Mexican cartel abducts his daughter, putting her at the mercy of El Sadico, an assassin whose hobbies include wholesale slaughter, torture, and playing with dogs.

El Sadico’s bosses want to make a trade: Bobby’s daughter for a cop with a bad habit of snooping into cartel affairs. The cop in question? Bobby’s do-gooder cousin. This is one mess Bobby isn’t going to forget.

Or maybe he will—depending on what the weekend brings.

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About The Author

Edgar Swamp's stories have appeared in Death Head Grin, Macabre Cadaver and Alienskin. This is his new novel. Edgar Swamp graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1995, having majored in Literature with a minor in marine biology…okay, I'm yankin' ya. I dropped out of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee after two semesters to go on the road with various rock/metal bands, entertaining/annoying drunks and miscreants with my off-key caterwauling.

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